Why You Need an Attorney for Missouri Commercial Property Tax Appeals

I am often asked by businesses whether an attorney is needed for commercial property tax appeals in front of the Missouri State Tax Commission.  This question is most often asked by those that made the decision, for whatever reason, to represent themselves at their County’s Board of Equalization hearing.  Those businesses mistakenly believe that the State Tax Commission hearing will be just as informal as their hearings in front of the Board of Equalization.

I am quick to dispel this misconception.  Indeed, there are multiple reasons why an attorney is needed for commercial real estate tax appeals, aside from the formalities of a State Tax Commission hearing:

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Greene County, Missouri Commercial Property Tax Appeal Highlights Importance of Appraisers

Following a commercial tax appeal to the State Tax Commission, Cinema 16, LLC (“Cinema”), a sixteen screen movie theater in Springfield, Missouri (Greene County), convinced a hearing officer to dramatically lower the tax assessment set by Greene County and, subsequently, the Board of Equalization.  At the hearing, both Cinema and Greene County presented experts, and the hearing officer’s opinion highlights the importance of vetting an appraisal expert prior to trial.

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Attorney Drey Cooley on Missouri Commercial Property Tax Appeals

In December 2014, I presented to other attorneys on Commercial Property Tax Appeals in front of Missouri Boards of Equalization and the Missouri State Tax Commission.  The presentation was entitled “Commercial Property Tax Appeals: Strategies for Contesting Real Estate Tax Appraisals.”

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