Greene County, Missouri Assessor Says Real Estate Tax Assessments Increasing

On April 13, 2011, Greene County, Missouri Assessor Rick Kessinger announced that his office had completed  2011 real estate reassessments, as required by Missouri law.  The office indicated that most Greene County residential, commercial and agricultural property owners would be receiving such reassessments in the mail this month and that the assessed values for most real estate in Greene County had increased.  In a press release, Kessinger emphasized that such increases are not indicative of a better real estate market:

We’re not raising assessments above market value.  We’re just bringing them up to market value . . . If we assessed low two years ago, the law says we have to bring it up to current market value.”

The Greene County, Missouri Assessor’s office emphasized that residential, commercial and agricultural real estate owners may contest their properties’ assessed values by scheduling an informal meeting with the Assessor’s office and,  by the third Monday in June, appealing the same to the Greene County Board of Equalization.  If the real estate tax appeal before the Greene County, Missouri Board of Equalization is unsuccessful, the property owner may appeal to the Missouri State Tax Commission.

Kessinger’s justification for increased assessed values is odd, at best.  It all but admits Greene County’s methodologies for calculating assessed values during the 2009-1010 real estate reassessment cycle were incorrect thus calling into question the methodology for the current reassessment cycle.  I would imagine that Greene County, Missouri real estate tax appeals will be significantly higher this year than in past years.

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