St. Louis County and St. Charles County Property Assessments Increasing for 2015

St. Louis County and St. Charles County property assessment values increased by 4% and 5%, respectively, for the 2015 tax year, according to two separate articles from the Post-Dispatch (St. Louis County; St. Charles County).

According to St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman, much of the increase is due to land value changes:

Zimmerman acknowledged that some homeowners have already complained about sharp increases in land values. Those homeowners have noted the assessment of their dwellings have basically remained unchanged. He attributed the discrepancy to “years, if not decades” of the county focusing on residences to the exclusion of land prices. “Land values were very much in need of review,” said Zimmerman.

Anyone who wishes to appeal their property assessment must file their property tax appeal with their County’s Board of Equalization by the second Monday in July.

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